Friday, February 26, 2010

Missing my blog friends!

I've been a horrible blogger. I'm not quite sure I can call myself a blogger anymore! I feel like I've lost touch with everyone that I've met--I don't write and I don't even read anymore. Google Reader is full of "new" blog posts!

I think maybe that I'm a little boring now, not to say that I was so interesting in the first place. What would I be blogging about if I had kept up with it? Probably nursing school and the stress it brings into the home....and that doesn't make for very interesting reading. Besides, I've been commiserating with my classmates.

I've managed to squeeze in some knitting--I just finished a cowl that I'm totally in love with! (I still have to take pictures.) I've been running for 2 months now, and have been consistently exercising. I decided in December to give up my perfectionist ways and to sacrifice a bit of reading for a bit of exercising and I feel great!

This weekend, with a big paper out of the way, didactic classes completed, and the first concept map done, I'm free! I'm so glad that this semester that we even get Mondays off! What do I do with myself? Even with all the extra time, I doubt I'll blog much. I've just missed out too much on the things I used to enjoy doing like knitting, baking, exercising, and keeping the house clean (I don't love this, but I love a clean house)! Unfortunately, my first weekend of freedom will be spent without Jon, who will be stuck in the house writing his final paper. He started an MBA program in January. I don't see him much!

Well, I'm very grateful for this extra time.  Things are definitely winding down. I can't believe I'm almost done! August 12 is the big day! So....I'll be around. I hope everyone is doing well! And I miss you!


New Girl on Post said...

I know you've been crazy busy, but I'm so glad to see a blog post from you! I miss seeing you around here!

Full of Heart said...

We miss you too!!!

d.a.r. said...

I've missed you dearie!!

Rachel said...

wow, you're almost finished already?!?! Didn't you just start?

You will hopefully love nursing as much as I do. As much as i complain, I know I made the right move to go back to school. The great thing about nursing? all the options to change jobs without necessarily changing your career.:) Can't wait to hear more as you get closer to finishing and looking for a job!