Thursday, March 25, 2010

What I did on my spring break

(Sounds like an essay elementary school-aged kids are made to write.)

I took advantage of all that free time and just relaxed!

But I also got to do a little baking, including this yumminess.

I've worn this lovely cowl (finished last month) as much as I could and started knitting this. Can't wait until next winter when I get to wear them! (Although I'm enjoying this lovely spring weather!)

I've been hitting up the gym for the usual cardio kickboxing, running, and a new weightlifting class. I've gotten over my aversion to running on an incline and can maintain a decent pace now.

I acted the part of domestic housewife and was consistently cleaning and cooking. (This, unfortunately, has been the first thing to go since I've started clinical again.)

I finally planted some flowers to bring some "springiness" to our backyard. My goal is to one day have a garden like my mom's. She has an amazing rose garden, numerous peony bushes, and many other much I can't even list it all.

This weekend?

Hopefully, I can get out for a hike. Wildflowers have just exploded out of the ground in the past week! (Thank you rain!)

Happy almost weekend!


Sara said...

Glad you're getting to do what you love again, both with working out and cooking! We're also enjoying all the spring-ness around here. I'm hoping to give growing stuff another go next weekend.

Full of Heart said...

I'm going for a hike today to see our wildflowers too!!

New Girl on Post said...

I would love to have a garden, unfortunately, I'm not sure I have a very green thumb.