Monday, March 29, 2010

Working it out!

I'm so proud of myself. I worked out 5 days last week (6 if you count giving the house a good scrub down)! I'm dreading when I have to work those 3+ twelve hour days. On those days I won't have time to do anything but work, eat, and sleep!

I've been running semi-regularly, and have actually switched over to running on the treadmill. It's just so much easier than driving to the park where I run and then driving to the gym for the weight-lifting class that I like to do now. I can tell you if I were doing that, most days I'd be taking a detour home! Another nice thing about the treadmill is that you can keep track of your mileage and speed. I honestly have no idea how fast I run on pavement, and mileage is just an estimate for me. I'm thinking I need an app for my iPhone that tells me how far I've run. Anyone know of any good ones?

 Back in the day when I was running regularly and doing a long run every week, I was able to run a mile (on a treadmill mind you) at a 7:30 pace. So last week I decided to see if I could still do what is my fast mile. Fail. I only made it 3/4 of a mile, but that might have been because I ran 3 miles prior. When I tried it again, I did a warm up mile first. I was able to do it, and was so happy with myself! I really don't think I could do that on pavement.

I have Mondays off so I'm just sitting around now, wanting to go to my weightlifting class. But I promised Jon that I would go to a Seder dinner with him tonight on post. So I was planning on going for a hike at my favorite state park here (since we never made it during the weekend because Jon had a ton of homework to do), but I didn't do that either. Instead, I had to take Dakota to the vet because I was seriously worried about a skin issue that seemingly flared up. I'm thinking that when we got him shaved they accidentally nicked one of his little nipples and he's been picking at it. The vet was nice enough to squeeze us in since I can't take time out from clinical during the week.

So this is what we have to do for him. We got orders for an antibiotic ointment that is to be applied twice daily and this T-shirt for 5 days. He's such a good sport, and doesn't even fight me when I was putting the T-shirt on. Go SU! :P

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Full of Heart said...

I use gmaps pedometer to map out my runs and see how far I go. I know Sailor Boy has an app he sometimes uses on his phone, but I never got into it.
Yeah, on days I work I cannot fit in a workout, UNLESS I get flexed home an hour early in which case I can fit in a 30 min pilates DVD. All I do is eat, sleep, drive and work on those days.
In response to your question, 3 days in a row is ideal. That way you get all your days done for the week, so you have 3-4 off afterwards, and you just maintain your groove. 2 is kind of funky because you are just getting into it and then have time off again. 4 is a little much but I can tolerate it. 5 makes me insane.