Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Poor little bunny!

It seems that a lot of men are hell-bent on trying to prove that they are the stronger sex. They do have us beat on several things: they are physically stronger, have a higher metabolism, and they have more RBCs (so they can run faster). But no one is a bigger baby when it comes to being sick, than a man. Women will work through the achiness, nausea, and runny nose. Even when sick, they still have to take care of their families! I had a little spell recently, compliments of my mom. The day before I left home I had that tell-tale sign of a sore throat and on the plane I had a coughing fit. I was tired and achy for the next couple of days, but nothing more came out of it. Chalk it up to my strong immune system!

I'm not saying that all men are huge babies when they get the smallest runny nose (thankfully my husband is not one of this group) or that all women can soldier on through their illness. But I've know a good number of men who act like they're on their deathbed with the slightest cold. Behold, the "Man Cold!"

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