Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Angry post ahead!!!

Dear Idiot Mexican Driver,

I would really appreciate it if you would stay off the road until you learn how to drive. Go over to the DMV and please retake that driver's test--but don't drive there. Oh no....you take the bus, have a friend drive you there, hell, walk for all I care. And don't believe that expiration date on the nice shiny new license good until 2048. You are a special case my friend, and will need to revisit the DMV every 5 years.

Now, when you see a sign that says "Right Lane Ends, Merge Left," that does not mean that you must do this at all costs. No buddy, you actually have to yield to the traffic that is in the lane that you want to get in. I saw you in the rearview mirror, gunning your way through that light (it was blatantly red--are you blind?) and the car behind me didn't leave any room for another car to get in, much less a big ass piece of shit truck hauling a trailer. Any decent driver with common sense would see this and get over behind this car, especially since you were behind her to begin with. But no, you, being the jackass that you are, decide that you don't want to slow down and proceed to speed along toward our nice little procession and practically shove her off the road, as there was already just one lane going south. But did you stop there? Oh.......no. For some bizarre reason you felt entitled to get in front of me too! Could you not see that your lane was gone, done, terminado?! You were practically driving on the shoulder almost comepletely behind me, yet you kept right on coming, determined to get in front of me. So here I am laying on the horn at somebody behind me!!!! I'm sure the car in front of me was wondering why I was honking at him--I hope he saw he was not the reason for the loud outburst, but that some idiot hauling a trailer behind me was trying to pull a dumbshit move. I thought I had seen it all. I threw my hands up in the air ("What the fuck are you trying to do here?!") when I felt like yelling out the window "Learn how to fuckin' drive you fuckin' Mexican!!!! Did I say that? No, just a common gesture, not really offensive but showing you what a dumbass move that was. And what did you do? You flipped me off!!! Excuse me?! I was following the rules of the road. You almost ran me off the road. What did you want me to do. Pull into the turn lane just so you can get your ass in front of me? I....think....not. So, forgetting my ladylike composure, I returned the gesture two-fold. That is how angry I was. Thanks a lot. I was in a good mood until now. I just got done with a pretty decent run and it's 70 degrees out. Work was not too bad. All in all, a pretty good day......until you showed up in my life. I hope I never have to see you or experience your idiot driving ever again. It's jackasses like you that drive me to road rage sometimes.

Very sincerely,
mystified driver with some common sense

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raecatherine said...

geez that sucks big-time. there are waay to many idiots on the road. i understand your rage completely.