Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wow am I an angry person (and tired too now)

Dear inconsiderate neighbor,

I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't let your dog yap incessantly in the early mornings. I had just come out of a nice REM cycle and this was just supposed to be a minor stir and I should have fallen back asleep, but your yappy dog has been barking nonstop. Why do you let him do this pretty much every morning? It's Saturday morning!!!! I can't sleep! I'm estimating he started around 6 am so when 6:30 rolled around, I had had enough. I lay there debating for that half hour if I should get up and look for the source of this offensive noise. After half an hour, I figured, why not? I'm completely awake already! So I get out of bed, get somewhat dressed and march down a couple houses and find your house. So yes, I did ring your doorbell twice. Did I get a response? No. But I did get your annoying little yappy dog to run in through his doggie door to bark at your front door. Too bad he ran back outside. So I tried to talk to you in person to ask nicely to please shut your dog up. I. am. tired. So yes, I did just call Pima Animal Control's animal noise complaint line and yes I did report you. As I'm typing this I can still hear your dog's yapping. Thank you for taking away one of my two days for sleeping in. I'm going to have a long tired day now.

your sleep deprived neighbor

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