Saturday, April 19, 2008

La Misma Luna

I decided to get out of the house today, which resulted in spending some money. What am I supposed to do? I wander throughout the mall and find stuff I like! Well, I also caught a movie: Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna). I remember seeing the preview for this movie when I went and saw Juno. It went straight on my list of must-see movies. This movie is about a mother and son seperated for four years when the mother illegally crossed into the U.S., leaving her son behind. Her life was to work so that she could send money back to her son, in order for him to live a better life. During her absence, her mother cared for her son. When circumstances changed, little Carlitos decides to go looking for his mother. This movie is about his journey across the Mexico-U.S. border and his search for his mother.

It's a very touching story that rings true for many families, torn apart due to different circumstances, in this country. It's a very complicated issue and this movie forces you to look at the situation from "the other" perspective. I was personally touched by this story, especially since my parents made the same sacrifice so that their children could live better lives. I'm very greatful!

It's a beautiful movie and I encourage anyone to go see it. There are both very sad moments and other funny ones, and the end is a happy one :)

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