Sunday, April 20, 2008

I think I found a new hobby...

I've been obsessed with dance for a while now. I only regret that when I was younger and quicker to learn I had taken dance classes. But I had grown up a shy and quiet child....barely voicing my desires to my parents (I would have taken dance, gymnastics, ice skating...) I took one hip hop class in Seattle at the ASUW and I loved it! Granted, I wasn't very good. People who know me probably can't picture me moving like this:

First of all, I love this song by Madonna. I thought it was a Timbaland song until I saw it on the Ellen Degeneres show (of course she was dancing to it!) So now it's on my myspace profile! One of my goals in life, however unattainable, is to be able to move like the girl in the video above. I don't quite have that pop and lock down! My gym has a hip hop exercise class on Friday evenings--maybe I'll start off there!

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