Monday, April 21, 2008

Not the (nowadays) usual mope-y post...

I couldn't resist--I love stuff like this! Taken from Jaime at Mom Around the Clock....finish the sentence!

Maybe I should...finally register for that remedial chem class at UA.

I love the smell of...a lot of things you wouldn't associate with good smells--newspapers, magazines, old books,
TriZol, gasoline, ethanol, isopropanol, DEPC...

People would say that...I'm really weird for liking the smell of above-mentioned things.

I don’t understand why...I can't get into UA's accelerated nursing program.

I lost...3 pounds in the last 3 weeks!

Life is...not always easy, but I love it!

My something I cannot change and something I've learned from.

I get annoyed...driving amongst these idiot drivers in Arizona.

My idea of a good time...would be getting together with my hubby and friends.

I wish...Jon would surprise me and walk through that door right now.

Twins...are what I've always wanted!

Dust Bunnies...tell me it's time to sweep and vacuum!

Tomorrow I’m...going to manage to get through another day!

I have low tolerance for...idiots of all kinds.

I’m totally terrified of...spiders!

I wonder dog hates people so much--I can't have anybody over!

Never in my life have I...been pregnant--I've been bit by the baby bug!

High school...was full of gossipy backstabbers and I hated it!

When I’m nervous...I play with my hair a lot and talk really fast.

One time at a family gathering...I met all my extended family in PerĂº.

Take my advice...don't run or play through an injury because it will take way longer for it to heal!

Taking a good something I strive for. I've got the nice camera, now on how to use it to its maximum potential....

I’m almost always...knitting or on the computer.

I’m addicted!

I want someone to...give me a hug!

Now you have a go.....let's see what you come up with!

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Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

I want paternal twins! After my first child.

I secretly want to be a famous artist.

I looove SNOW!