Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Too good to have lasted

Jon just told me that circumstances will be changing and soon we won't be able to talk as often. I've been extremely spoiled in that I get to talk to my hubby every night. He can call me directly from his office, he has a cell phone that I can call, and we talk on Skype as often as we can. That's all going to change. It's going to be back to carrying my phone around so I don't miss his calls (he calls on schedule now and if I miss his call, I can just call him back!) and I won't be able to see him anymore. After having all these luxuries, it's going to be hard to go back to "normal." I hope our relationship won't become more strained as a result!

Tucson is right there with Baghdad in terms of weather. Our daily high temperatures are matching up very nicely with those in the Middle East. It was 109 today! Jon told me that Baghdad has actually been cooler, which is why we are comparable now (due to sandstorms) And here's our forecast. Still waiting for that monsoon! 


Jaime said...

I'm sorry he won't be able to call as often ;( And WOW on those temps! Yeowch!

loquita said...

Wow, that is truly a great communication system that the two of you had!

But adjusting from one end of the spectrum to the other - especially talking less often after you've been talking more often - can be tough, so feel free to vent to us all, we totally understand. *hugs*

Tania said...

Yeah, like I said, I was really spoiled with regularity of communication. Now I have to get used to not hearing from him so often. I'm not upset about it because I know how good we had it....just a little disappointed. But, I felt it was a little unfair for everyone else that doesn't have that opportunity.

loquita said...

Banish that thought that it's unfair for you to have it a little better in some respects. :)