Sunday, October 19, 2008

I just don't get the Army

My husband's company just got deactivated. When we first heard the news that this was going to happen, we were both upset. He, because he has been Company Commander for just short of a year and he says it will look bad for his next review. He lost this not because of his performance, but because of the deactivation, but this won't be specified. I'm upset because he still has to stay over there. The company was deactivated because their mission is done, right? So why would he have to stay? No, instead he is being moved and will be Assistant S3 for the remainder of the tour. I don't understand why he and the rest of his company couldn't be sent home early if there was another company in the battalion that didn't deploy until late April. (The rest of the battalion deployed in December 2007). That's just the way the Army works.


Red Eyes said...

Hello! Sorry to read the terrible news but this is my first time here and I would like to return to this interesting blog. I see that one of your favourite movies is babel, how did you find the story, what is it about?

Lets stay connected.

New Girl on Post said...

I honestly don't understand half of what the Army does!