Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Las Vegas pictures

As promised, I'm posting our pictures from our trip to Las Vegas. After looking through them, I realized that I don't have much. I don't have a camera bag for my camera and I really didn't like looking like the stereotypical tourist carrying my camera with me everywhere, so the pictures are limited. I was also sick, so I wasn't on top of my game, but here they are!

One of my favorite things about Vegas. I saw the Bellagio fountain show 3 times (I know, just 3, but I was sick!) My favorite show was to Andrea Bocelli's Con Te Partiro. This version literally brought tears to my eyes.
My handsome husband being a good sport and posing for me in the Venetian.

He saw a gelato stand and attacked! I'm so glad he found it because it was the best spumoni gelato I've ever eaten!

Hopefully next time we go (there will be a next time!) I'll be healthy and want to do more! We did see two Cirque de Soleil shows, Love and Mystere. I loved both! Love, obviously, had more dancing and music than Mystere, but still had plenty of acrobatics. Jon put up the money to buy the Love CD, even though you probably would just have to go to Walmart and buy a Beatles best of CD.  Mystere had more audience involvement, which made it more fun. One girl from the audience even got to participate in some scenes after being handpicked by the "baby." There was one scene that was my favorite involving two dancers--their movements were just so beautiful and portrayed the love between the characters so well--but then I do love ballet.

I also got to see the Bodies exhibit, which Jon saw without me in Seattle when it was in town. It was amazing! Then there was the delicious steak dinner at Morton's. We got some keepsake menus and a picture in celebration of Jon's homecoming. They also gave us a complimentary glass of Port. I love Port!

Not too exciting a visit, but still memorable! Las Vegas was never on my travel list, but now that I've gone, I definitely want to go back!


loquita said...

Dude, seriously, you two are sooooo cute! I really need to be better about asking other people to take pictures of LT and I. 95% of our couple pictures have been taken by me holding the camera at arms-length.

Maybe I will have to reconsider my views on Vegas -- which currently stand at "not really interested in going"...

As for wedding planning, if you want to hear my ideas via email, I will totally start sending you things to get your opinion. :)

raecatherine said...

So glad you guys got a chance to take a trip together. I've only seen one Cirque show, but loved it!

jlc said...

Cute pics!!! Bumbee and I had a BLAST in Vegas. Espesh Cirque du Soleil. It's crazy what they can do with their bodies. Got us thinkin' ;) hahaha